Dithmarschen (North Sea)

The District Council

Legal Status
The district council is the top executive authority of the district. It is elected by the local inhabitants by general, direct, free, equal and secret ballot (article 28 section 1 of the German constitution). The election details are regulated by the German municipal and district elections act (GKWG).

All district councils in districts with up to 200,000 inhabitants are made up of 45 councillors. The district councillors are holders of a public office. The chairperson (leader of the council) is the district president.

The district council determines the objectives and principles of the district’s administration. On account of its superior position as a parliament, the district council decides the key policy issues affecting the district. Furthermore the district council takes all the important decisions for the district relating to matters of self-government and supervises their implementation.

The district council can refer certain decisions to the ruling committee or the district administrator, unless that particular task is one reserved by law. In addition the district council can delegate certain decisions to the committees.